Project Boost: Legend of the Magic Broom



Project Boost: Legend of the Magic Broom

I’m getting really excited for Project Boost! However, I’m not as interested in sci-fi setting as fantasy… SO, I’m going for a fantasy setting instead. :smiley:

Swap out spaceship -> magic broom… and fuel -> mana… and BAM: “Legend of the Magic Broom”.

Game Theme
You’re a new wizard trying to learn how to fly through increasingly dangerous environments… with limited mana.
Player Experience
Master the control of your magic broom
Core Mechanic
Skillfully fly the magic broom and avoid environment without running out of mana.
PC - Left Arrow Key/ “A”, Right Arrow Key/ “D”, Spacebar / “W”
Touch - Left Arrow Button, Right Arrow Button, Infuse Mana (aka Boost)
Core Game Loop
Get from A to B to complete the level, then progress to the next level.
Fantasy, forest, magic users, colorful

Some example game screens
I’m thinking lots of trees, deep forest roots/vines, ruins… Not in MS Paint, eventually!


Thats really funny: D awesome