Progress on orc sculpting

Here’s my progress on sculpting the Orc so far:

I went with “easy version” as Grant is doing it, so it should be easier to follow. Though I plan to go back and do the other orc as well.

I diverged a little and added a bit more distinctive muscle shapes based on references of body builders (PureRef FTW!). But I’m guessing those detailed shapes will be added later…

I’m thinking on making this basic shape, keeping it with huge belly, but adding some musculature. Something like those people that worked out hard for whole of their life and at some points stopped and sunk - so their overall posture is still muscular, but they grew the belly and are starting to get out of shape. I am not sure if this is not too much to take on in while first time sculpting?

And I’ve tried sculpting with a tablet (I have one with a screen laying around). Didn’t find it as satisfying as doing it with mouse so far. Is this normal when beginning with tablet or just it isn’t tool for everyone?


It’s difficult to learn using a tablet. It takes many hours of practice!
And don’t forget those many practice hours you’ve already done by using the mouse.
A mouse feels now more natural (which it isn’t) a tablet not. And then you want to progress and do fun things in Blender. A tablet will slow you down at this moment. So dislike!

But a tablet resemblance more pen and paper. So if you want to be a pro them maybe a tablet is something you should aim for.

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Ah, so it’s normal. Will try to adjust. Thank you for your guidance!

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I might use this as a refrence