Procrastination. My real enemy

I was a bright student. I got bored after some time and thought that I would get good grades anyway (overconfidence). Soon I started to see my downfall. From Bright I became average. Did not get good grades to qualify in good engineering colleges. I started procrastinating every time. Did not finished anything in my life. I wanted people to acknowledge me again but due to my habit started to take shortcuts. If I saw someone good at dancing and getting views I started to dance etc. I did not complete them also and lost my original hobbies (reading stories, art, and study). In private engineering college after spending 4 years I was not able to write a single line of code. Only knew how to write hello world. No campus selection. Went to work in a startup. Learned there. But Procrastination was always with me. I got affected by others’ knowledge easily. For example, I wanted to learn shader, multiplayer architecture, modeling texturing, sound design, good code writing pattern, making own game engine from scratch, etc. But each time I get bored cause it was taking too long to cover these topics. I am not acknowledging it here for sympathy. I have seen several motivational channels and tried everything. I have purchased 22 courses but none of them are completed or the maximum completion is 15%. I am in the gaming industry for 9 years but I do not feel that knowledgeable and always afraid that sooner or later I will be kicked out. That is why I am starting to complete this course first. Hopefully, I would not require some other youtube motivational video to complete this motivational course :sweat_smile: Waiting for my score of 1/22 in Udemy.

I feel your pain, as I’ve got older I’ve had to force myself into productive routines just to get things done.

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I completely understand you. Procrastination has hindered and still hinders me from achieving significant results. I started to study worse, but I couldn’t adjust to all the tasks. Later I realized that I had simply lost interest in studying what I was getting in college. I started looking for new jobs and something I really liked. I also started using to complete tasks in college, and devote free time to things that are important to me. I recommend this resource to all students who have problems. Maybe you’re just not doing what you really want. Try something new and one day you will find something interesting for yourself! Good luck to you!

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Let us do our best. And this time with 100%. :slight_smile:

Let us change our self. With me the issue was that if I am being stuck somewhere(for example in a problem in study or if the topic is boaring) I was unable to skip that part and move to next problem. I changed this habit by doing a problem only twice, if it is not done then note down this and ask someone else in future and move to next problem(No point of banging my head on the wall).
For some days I started to note down how productive I am. In morning I create a list of tasks which I have to do today or in future and read each line. In night before going to bed I read how much task I completed and give one point to me. These task includes habits too (like drinking 15 glass of water,exercise,waking up at 5). For reading I specifically note down the name of chapter and try to read one or two page every day(even if it does not intrests me). I record each task which I think I will procrastinate. I read somewhere that it takes 21 days to add a habit and 42 days to remove a habit.
Let us take little steps one at a time. Let us live our only one life fully so in the end we would not think that If we had done so we had became this and that.

Just some general advice, but usually, procastination has something to do with anxiety. I recommend you investigate the sources of your anxiety and perhaps try to work on it. Anxiety is a major problem; here, half of young women admit suffering from anxiety on a daily or near daily basis

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