Process for this section (Upgrade Retopology 2016-08-29)

Well, last Section…

After watch the videos, I will change a few steps for modelling a human face.(I thinik it’s a few easy for my)

1º- Draw a concept in 2 views (front and right)

2º- make a base Model

3º-Sculpting all the face with Sculpting mode and multires

After i will make the good topology in a new mesh using the sculpture as a reference.

And here it is. (Sculpt 1.161.104 Tris VS Retopology 3739 Tris). Think I begin to understand the loops ^^

I will update this post with the following steps used.

I hope you like it!


I love this concept. I can’t draw to save my soul and rather dread that last section of the lecture series. My sculpting skills with the bunny was about my limits I think compared to what you have done. Nice job! Can’t wait to see it finished.

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Thanks!. If you make the model, you can draw the essential of the figure, The drawing does not have to be completely perfect, only a guide for sculpture. you can also use a photo collage. Just enough to have a clear idea of what you want to do.

Yes, I do much better at photos or drawings done by those that know what they are doing! I am not that artistically inclined otherwise. Again, I really like what you have created.

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Wow, thanks for sharing! I think what you’ve done looks brilliant!

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Brilliant stuff! :+1: Congrats.

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:relaxed: Excellent Work! !!

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