Procedural Asset Development (Houdini?)


Finally I found the right location to suggeste further courses.

I went over a lot of GDC and other Vids from Developers/Artists and what’s really gotten my attention was procedural creation of anything/everything :slight_smile: As I know there’s substance designer for materials which I won’t buy yet as I yet have to improve more in quite every aspects of making games and it’s a little too expensive for not really having the time to dive into it, I also came across the name houdini which is used for procedural creation of assets.
This software is completely free for learning purposes so I installed it, but am missing some better introduction than on houdinis website.
If you know Houdini, I’d really be very interested in a houdini introduction course!!! Maybe there’s also similar software available at a low price for the ones who want to learn about it, I don’t know, so far Houdini is the only name I know about.

About Houdini for the GameDev Community: Houdini is a 3D modelling/animation software that is based on procedural creation of a lot of stuff, especially assets, where you actually use sliders and other options where you say how e.g. a house should be looking (e.g. 3 doors, two floors, old style, etc, etc, don’t know how it works exactly yet, so this thread :wink: ) maybe also based on an existing mesh you can provide (not sure about a lot of that yet) and then houdini creates as many similar houses based on your input that all differ a little. This is going to be the very future, especially of large scale projects which soon reach a production value of over 200 000 000 USD, but of course also very useful if you work on a very small team and want to populate a world faster than it would be by modelling every asset on it’s own. I’d really like to know this software a little bit, maybe what I tell you above about the creation of assets isn’t all true, but that’s what I kinda understood in some videos.

Think about it and tell me what’s actually true about what I said and what might not be and if you’d also be interested to see this kind of stuff :slight_smile:

All the best to you all!