Problems with distribution

I have to wonder, why is it that a non-weighted particle-system cgeates this off-by 20% distribution?
I’m not confident with this, my gut feeling is that something is wrong and it will not get easier to figure out later on…

Anyone who has a clue?

Ahhh, I figured it out…

Turning Global off in Renedering helped… (how did it get on??)

Just my fumbling I guess :slight_smile:

I am not really sure what I am looking at to be honest. Could you possibly upload the Blend file?

I might say there could be an issue with the origin point even though I doubt that is it.

It is probably a setting in the particle system, but it would be easier to tell by looking at the file.


EDIT: lol, ok well I think you edited while I was typing so nevermind on what I said. Good that you got it fixed though. :laughing:

Still, thanx :smiley:

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