Problems with cut tool (vertical axis)

In the video when he presses Ctrl+R to cut, afterwards he left clicks to adjust the cut proportion/position.

For some reason, when I do this it cuts right away, like so:

^Post cut screenshot where it cuts the center of the vertical geometry (when i use the numpad for this, it controls how many cuts/subdivisions that will take place)

However, when I click on a horizontal piece of geometry, then left click, it goes into pre-cut adjustment mode, like in the video:

^The yellow line is adjustable

Any idea as to what could be causing this?

FYI, it worked on a fresh regular cube in the scene, sooo, FTW orr?

^cut tool works as expected on a regular symmetrical cube when cut vertically.

Hmm perhaps it has something to do with the very strange geometry I have on top?

^The geometry after a cut attempt

Shame I’m too drunk right now to make a new pyramid from scratch xD


All i did was get rid of the extra geometry on the top and it started working.

Can anyone tell me why it fails to work when it collides with such vertices/faces?

Now theres the problem of it not snapping to these number points when I type them in like he does in the video; so i cant get a mathematically perfect division.

_ – _ sighhhh …

Damnit it turns out its because I wasnt moving it using that wierd ass G key.

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