Problems with cloth and checker texture


I have worked with a cloth simulation and used a checker texture.
On the topside of the table everything looks good, but then the texture doesn´t look neat. Why is it so? And how can I fix the texture problems?

Maybe I have to unwrap AFTER the simulation?!?



Did you check self collision in the physics of the cloth object?
Did you sculpt it after unwrapping ?

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Thanks Manu for your reply. :slight_smile:

  1. I thought, I have ticked self collision. But I will check it again.
  2. And I didn´t sulpt after unwrapping…
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When i tried it, i didn’t come across such distortions :thinking:
Another possbile way could be your material setup.
But i assume you are using the UV coordinates, so that should be fine.
Or probably your inside faces came through the outer ones.

If it didn’t help you at all, i would check your file if you’ll upload it :slight_smile:

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Thanks Manu for your help. :slight_smile: UV coordinates was the perfect cue. I have checked everything in the shader editor and there I ´ve found the mistake. By mistake I have cutted one of the nodes…

Here is the node tree after I fixed the problem.

Now everything looks okay. :smile:


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Nice :slight_smile:
Glad i could help :+1:

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