Problem with the Visibility of the Bezier Curve

Hello! While creating my Bezier curve, I found that the one I created is more gray and less visible than that of the one in your tutorial. Is there some setting that I have missed, or perhaps I didn’t follow one of the instructions correctly? Let me know! Thanks!

It could be that the image of the pin is set as “Front”.

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Svetlin had a good suggestion, click back in the display area and will put the image you are work from in the back ground. You can keep clicking back and forth between the two as you work if need be.

Or, if you scroll down in the display area, you can turn the opacity up or down so the background/foreground image is more or less visible, which makes seeing what you are working on easier.

Also, the default objects in Blender are grey and just the limited search I just did doesn’t sound like that is changeable. I find those gray cube hard to work with so have been adding a material with a different colors to make them easier to work. But you have to change from solid mode (is next to object in object or edit in your different modes) to texture or material mode to see the colors.

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I had the same problem and in my case I had to change my theme back to the default theme. Maybe this works for you.

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