Problem with comb

I having a problem with comb the rabbit fur
this is Mike’s rabbit

when I comb, the fur became like this

which all the fur r not straight, some fur is curve

Hmm, what’s the deflection set to?

I tried from 0 to 1

Ok I’m assuming that the short hair aren’t short but rather are pointing towards the camera. In which case I think it’s worth reminding you that the brush moves the hairs based on your view plain. Also, try clicking the “View Obstructed Vertex” button (I think that is its name) and running a larger bush across it while in side view.

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I cant find the “view obstructed vertex” button.
And also about the hair point to camera, is it just hidden all camera will do?
Thank you

Well I probably called it the wrong name and can’t check to find out right now cause I’m 8 hours away from my computer. Maybe one of the others can check.

nvm, thank you for pointing out
I already tried to solve the problem with the guide that u gave.

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