Probably dupe the chair material first

One minor oversight that maybe others have posted, but I didn’t notice in the forum here:

Ben’s method here ends up modifying the chair material in the Source Content. This is bad for a few reasons:

  1. The change is not source-controlled since the Starter Content is excluded. If you have teammates, they won’t get this change for the same
  2. If you happen to have any other projects which point to the Starter Content, then they all have the same chair changes too.

Of course it probably doesn’t matter very much in this project, but this was a good teachable moment.

Duplicating an asset is super easy, and maybe Ben will presumably teach that later. But I suggest he consider revising this video to teach that if you are using content that’s not source-controlled and you want to make changes, first dupe it into a source-controlled package and make your changes to that, so that you have a record of the change, you can share with the team, and can isolate your changes to your project.

Thanks Ben!

While your first point is correct, as far as I know the any packs like the starter content are copied into your project and edits have no effect on the cached files.

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