"Prison" re-envisioned using a ton of variables and two separate text boxes

Play “Prison”! (profane version)
Play “Prison”! (non-profane version)

I created a non-profane version in case you’d like to feature it somewhere but would prefer not to have any profanity on your page.

As I’ve written in the title, this is “Prison” re-envisioned using a ton of variables and two separate text boxes. This way, the options at the bottom won’t jump around and can be a bigger font size. I decided to stay true to the course and have only used what we’ve learned so far, only going outside when stuck on something (such as an error). I think this might’ve helped me to memorize a lot of the syntax and gotten use to the words in my transition from Javascript to C#.

Big fan of the unity courses so far. I’ll rate it 5/5 for sure, even if everything starts to get too complicated for me later. Hopefully I’ll be closer to making a Star Ocean / Tales of Series type game by the end of it (with help from the 3d modeling course you guys provide). Thanks for everything.

Note: There are 10 endings and 2 secrets.
Hint: Think outside using the default keys given to get the secrets.
Hint 2: The second secret is only obtainable upon all endings being unlocked.
Hint 3: If you lose progress or simply want to look at what I have to offer, you can press “capslock” for getting the first 5 normal endings + 1 secret, and “left shift” for 5 bonus endings + 2nd secret. Space will leave these menus.

FYI, you’ll need to load this up in Unity 5 and build it as a WebGL project if you want people to be able to play it. Most browsers dropped support for plugins like the old Unity Web Player.

Thanks, I’ve edited the URLs to the updated Unity 5 WebGL versions of the projects. Should work on every browser now.

Hahahaha it was a great way to kill some time, i fking won forever.

Haha, glad you enjoyed it. Happy to hear you were able to win forever, I wasn’t sure that many people would find both secrets! ;D

This is a good game. I was thinking of having a feature in my text adventure where it counts the endings unlocked like yours, but I got lazy. I’ve played close to twenty of these text adventures and yours is my favorite so far. The writing is pretty zany, but its programmed well has cool features and is pretty unique. Good job. The ending counter is a feature that makes me want to keep playing your game. Cool idea.

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