printf("Hello World");

Hi All,

Just thought I’d say hello :slight_smile:
I’m perhaps a little bit different from most students as I’ve been coding for over 30 years now, and making games professionally for most of that (yes i’m old, hahaha!). The reason for me joining this course is the want to learn the unreal engine and to understand the technical underpinnings of multiplayer and replication.
So far I’ve written a basic game in unreal which i’m really enjoying tinkering with, and looking forward to understanding how replication is handled in this engine, as each is a little different.

Its really great to see how the game programming ‘scene’ has changed over the years. When i learned you had to do everything yourself, and you were lucky to even get hold of a hardware manual to tell you a thing or two haha. Big props to the course lecturers!

Love and hugs!


Hi and welcome to the course. I hope you find it useful.