Pretty standard Mayan pyramid

The most difficult part of this exercise for me was creating the steps correctly, using the array modifier.

At first, I was having an issue where the right angles that connected each step would start to be overlapped by the face underneath them. After sleeping on the issue and returning to work, refreshed, I saw the cause:

I wasn’t snapping the first step to the face below it, exactly on the first step. So as the steps ascended, the gradually become more and more off-course from aligning with the ramp face’s angle below it.

After carefully aligning edge of the first step, so that it touched the smooth ramp face tightly, the problem resolved.

Then, the last step, I modified to be flush with the floor of the pyramid’s upper level, since it worked out to be a little shorter than the other steps.

This was a fun challenge!

I see some pretty cool and creative mayan pyramid examples up here!

Looks great!!!

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