Powers in Godot

extends Panel

func _ready():
	get_node("Button").connect("pressed", self, "_on_Button_pressed")

func _on_Button_pressed():
	get_node("Label").text = str(pow(2,24))

GD-exp-2 GD-exp-1

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(Oops, reversed the images, but you get the idea)

Nice work. I really need to jump into Godot at some point!

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It’s amazing. I made the switch from Unity and it feels like switching from a PC to a Mac (so to speak). Everything is cleaner and organized in a way that makes sense, down to the documentation. I don’t think I’ll go back to Unity or Unreal for awhile, if ever, at least not for my own projects.

As an example, making that button and function took me all of 2 minutes, even though I’m brand new to the engine. The same thing would have taken me probably 15 minutes in Unity, if I was lucky.