Power-Up Problems

It looks like I’ll have to abandon this “Block Breaker” project at this time - and perhaps come back to it some time later New Year, because, I’ve tried everything I could possibly think of to the get the laser power-up working at it’s just beyond me, the codes a mess, my mind is a mess - and I’m just bogged down and going nowhere. The laser power-up was something I dearly wanted to implement as well as the multiple balls, but, with that and the ball not moving anywhere near the original it’s just making me feel depressed. Anxiety and depression are two conditions I suffer from and I’m starting to wallow in it and summer is almost upon us when computer time comes at a premium. The only way out would be having a personal coaching - and that would cost money I don’t have and I wouldn’t know where to look. On the bright side, I think all the reading of the Unity docs trying to sort out this mess means I may have learnt a little bit that may be useful down the track.

It’s really disappointing, it’s like another failure at the end of a miserable year :unamused:.

Hopefully, next year things will be better - they certainly can’t get any worse … or could they? Yes, Donald John Trump, I am looking at you.

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