Post Answers?

Not sure if I’m doing this right, I’m a bit confused by the board setup.

Anyway, this is in answer to the discussion prompt for “The Top 5 VR Platforms Compared…” If this is not the right place for this, I’m so sorry, but like I said: confused.

I was hoping to develop for Playstation VR, since I have one. I also do have a Google Cardboard.

I’ve read some information that’s come out since the PSVR release date that they are going to make the development more open because they want to support the VR community to help it grow and succeed. So, there’s some hope, I just need to figure out how to deploy to the Playstation.

I’m sure there’s a tutorial on the Unity website somewhere.

Anyway, as I said in my introduction, I’ve been wishing for virtual reality since I was a little kid in the 80’s. I have many hopes and dreams when it comes to this field, but I’ve learned how to temper it with the reality of some of my real-world programming experience.

I’m hoping to build a team, also. I’ve done some things in a number of different mediums before, but money, and therefore paying people, and therefore flakiness has always been a severe issue. I already have a large network of 2d and 3d artists and animators and film crew, but I’m hoping more programmers (and slightly more 3d-savvy folks) might be interested in working together.

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