Polar Rockets

Not particularly amazing. Had to make a reverse script and material colors and transform a copy of my bottom course around the X axis. In theory if you played it the top rocket will reflect everything the bottom is doing but in the opposite direction. However, on occasion the top rocket seems to be a little behind and thus screw up everything. It’s probably from a messed up placement of the reverse rocket itself so some tweaking from me is required. I get it right mostly from the constant play testing so it’s still good to go.


Very interesting. Is it two players?

Nah it’s just the A and D are reversed so it gives the impression it’s going the opposite way of the rocket while acting the same. It could be two player if I switch the A and D keys of the reverse rocket with the left and right key, but I kind of just went in wanting to make a parallel rocket. Originally I wanted to switch it to an upside down rocket but I’d have to turn off the gravity to make that happen.