Plinko? Trap Doors? More!?

I took some time to break from the lectures and just started messing around.

I gave my OpenDoor component editable roll, pitch, and yaw values for both opened and closed states. This allows for a bit more customization so I was able to make a couple trap doors and a “catapult.”

Game start:

First Pressure Plate:

Second Room, is that plinko i see?

Up the spiral stair case to drop the ball, watch out for the red pegs! The ball eventually falls in the green area and opens the next door.

I said watch out for those red pegs… the floors give out and you fall into a fire pit… it is nice at the moment however as the player lands on this nifty little brick ledge instead of in the fire.

While messing with the fire trap, i found that if i stand on a floor that rotates upwards I will be launched at mach speed. Because of this, i had to try and build a little catapult. well, not so little…

I had to bring the rotation down to a very small value so i did not fly out of the universe, but when i got it working, this was the max height of my trajectory. This attempt did not make it over the wall, but if you play with positions you will eventually figure out the correct place to stand to get over.

That’s it so far… onto more lecture!

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lul looks like u actually took the time to make a mini-game or level out of it, nice.

This reuben guy actually does a similar thing from this section but purely in c++ including a settable timeline reference. He makes the object more diversified for a larger array of uses; similar to what you did in your project.

I recall getting errors when I tried this though, but that was shortly before I discovered this course on udemy, so I gave up with youtube tutorials all together for the time being.

It was fun to play with and reinforce some skills, but a couple lectures down the line we learn how easy blueprint can make life. LOL

That is an interesting video, I did mess around a bit in c++ trying to get these to work when I was messing with my code, but no luck at the time.

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