Please introduce yourself


Hello everyone. I’m Kevin.

Just a student who got graduated from Information systems degree and wanting to work in the videogames industry.

  • I’ve used Unreal a bit but still have lacking a lot of knowledge.

  • I’ve programmed a bit on C++ son I’m not new to the lenguage but haven’t use it very extensively.

  • I have been working on Unity 2 years so Unreal’s interface doesn’t pick me up unknown but deep inside is so different one from another.

  • I want to train my C++ skills to try to get an entry level job into the videogames industry. So If I learn Unreal Engine while doing it even better.

  • I’m from Spain.

I have known this course by a friend who has made it and talks wonders of it, I have no doubt that it will fulfill my expectations, so, let’s work hard.

Glad to know you all and let’s learn together.


Hi… I’m Fernando Caceres from Guatemala. I been 15+ years working in IT and some development in the way. Right now working in a Telco. I’m trying this as a hobbie.

I have no experience with Unreal. Only heard about the games.

My experience with C++ is from College, 20+ years ago :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried other game engines and this is my first attempt to build one.

I hope to get the basics from this course and meet people with the same interests.



Hey everyone. I’m Mercedes, and I live in New Orleans, Louisiana

I have no experience with Unreal or C++, but I have messed around a bit with C# and Unity. I also have some experience with HTML.

I want to jump right in and start learning to code with C++ in the Unreal engine. I’m using this course as my beginning building blocks, and one day I hope to start working on some horror games with my friends. If I don’t do that then I at least have a cool new skill.


Hello! My name is Enikő. :slight_smile: Nice to meet you all!

  • I have no prior Unreal experience.
  • I am confident in C++, as it is my main programming language.
  • I’ve never used any game engines before.
  • I would like to see how making a game works and make my own games (preferably in a team).
  • I am from Romania.