Please introduce yourself


Hello everyone. I’m Kevin.

Just a student who got graduated from Information systems degree and wanting to work in the videogames industry.

  • I’ve used Unreal a bit but still have lacking a lot of knowledge.

  • I’ve programmed a bit on C++ son I’m not new to the lenguage but haven’t use it very extensively.

  • I have been working on Unity 2 years so Unreal’s interface doesn’t pick me up unknown but deep inside is so different one from another.

  • I want to train my C++ skills to try to get an entry level job into the videogames industry. So If I learn Unreal Engine while doing it even better.

  • I’m from Spain.

I have known this course by a friend who has made it and talks wonders of it, I have no doubt that it will fulfill my expectations, so, let’s work hard.

Glad to know you all and let’s learn together.


Hi… I’m Fernando Caceres from Guatemala. I been 15+ years working in IT and some development in the way. Right now working in a Telco. I’m trying this as a hobbie.

I have no experience with Unreal. Only heard about the games.

My experience with C++ is from College, 20+ years ago :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried other game engines and this is my first attempt to build one.

I hope to get the basics from this course and meet people with the same interests.



Hey everyone. I’m Mercedes, and I live in New Orleans, Louisiana

I have no experience with Unreal or C++, but I have messed around a bit with C# and Unity. I also have some experience with HTML.

I want to jump right in and start learning to code with C++ in the Unreal engine. I’m using this course as my beginning building blocks, and one day I hope to start working on some horror games with my friends. If I don’t do that then I at least have a cool new skill.


Hello! My name is Enikő. :slight_smile: Nice to meet you all!

  • I have no prior Unreal experience.
  • I am confident in C++, as it is my main programming language.
  • I’ve never used any game engines before.
  • I would like to see how making a game works and make my own games (preferably in a team).
  • I am from Romania.


Hi - I am changing jobs from coding automation equipment in the industry to a computer-vision research role at a university

  • What’s your Unreal experience? none except as a consumer
  • What’s your C++ experience? Online hints & tips and books
  • What other game engines have you used? “klick & play” in 1996 :slight_smile:
  • What do you hope to get from the course? A good heads-up before my new job
  • Where in the world are you? Scotland


Hi everyone. My name is Blake and I am just a high school student pursuing education in game development.

  • My only experience with Unreal Engine is as a consumer
  • I know the minimal about C++ but I have tampered with game files before in modding communities for a heavily based C++ game
  • I have not used other engines aside from as a consumer. I have looked into many different engines before though
  • I want to get a good start into pursuing a professional career in game development
  • I am from Missouri.


Hello! I’m Jacob. I’m finishing my last year of undergrad as a Physics student at the University of Iowa.

1.) My only experience with Unreal is playing games on it, such as Fortnite and Mortal Kombat 9 (gaming is my biggest hobby!)
2.) I’ve never coded or programmed using C++. As a science student, my main programming language is Python.
3.) I’ve never used other game engines, per say. But I have played on them!
4.) I hope to learn the in’s and out’s of making games, as well as learn the industry standard that dev teams use today! I’ve always had an unclear idea of what I wanted to do for a career… and it wasn’t until recently I thought to myself, I could totally learn how to make games!
5.) I’m from the state of Iowa, in the USA!


Hi everyone, I am Pete. I’m enjoying the course so far and thought I’d say “hi!”

  • I have not worked with Unreal and I don’t know if I’ve played any games made in it.
  • I have taken some C++ programming courses and have coded some hobby projects in the language, but I haven’t worked with it professionally yet.
  • The only thing I’ve worked with that is close to a game engine would be Flash which was what I was working with when I first became a professional programmer.
  • I am curious to know how game engines work, what you can do with them and how they relate to the regular IDE workflow. I’d love to have a game to show at the end of it too.
  • I am in Berkeley, California.


Hello all my name is Eddie. I have no unreal experience and have been procrastinating on pursing this for some time. I have experience using Blender and have explored the basics of C++. I have always had the itch to create and was not sure where to start or direct that urge. In 2016 I was bored scouring youtube and some speed modeling videos came up in my list. I was bored and decided to check it out. After completing the video I was inspired to give modeling in 3D a try. Since Blender was free I found it to be a great way to test the waters and see if that was something for me. Today I have been using Blender casually. Next I wanted to bring my creations to life. I was intimidated and contemplating whether this would be something I can actually do. I saw some of the content indie developers where creating using game engines such as unity and UE4 and was inspired to take that next step. So today I decided to take the plunge and go for it.

What I hope to get from this course is the fundamentals, best practices, and just a good foundation to proceed further in this process.

I reside in Broward Florida.


Hello Everyone, My Name is Supreme Datta…I am from India…and I am pursuing engineering in Computer Science…I have used Unity Game Engine Before…So,I have some little bit of an Experience in C#…But Its my first time…using Unreal Engine… and no prior C++ experience…And I hope its gonna get very interesting and exciting learning process as I progress through this Course… Cheers…:slight_smile:


Hello my name is John though my friends call me Fitz. I live in northern Minnesota where winters get as cold as 40 below 0 or colder so I need to find thing to do. I didn’t tell but I am disabled so I have a lot of time on my hand. I have a bit of experience with Unreal I have more experience with Unity. I am here to learn Unreal so I am able to make more interesting games. I hope to get to know some of you so that we can help one another and help each other learn how to best use Unreal.


Hi everyone, I’m Aiden from Kent in the UK

I’ve never done anything with Unreal before or game engines in general but I’m looking forward to learning.

I don’t have any actual C++ experience but I’ve covered some C in my first year of university.

I always get ideas for games from the ones I’ve played and I’m hoping to make them myself and turn my ideas into actual projects and games.

I’m also using this to get a headstart on another university course I’m hoping to start in September next year at the University of Brighton (long shot: but anyone going there or currently a student, feel free to drop me a message and say hi!)



I’m trying this course again. Learning C++ for some mobile AR Stuff I’m doing.


Hi I am David, I work as a programmer at daytime and gamer/dancer at night time.

  • Did just start out learning Unreal Engine 4
  • This is my first time coding C++, I mostly work with PHP, SQL, javascript, python and bat/shell scripts.
  • “Klik & Play” I used back in the day when I was younger and also did some own Heros on our own server for Counter Strike 1.6 “Super Hero Mod” with my brother back in the day when CS was the only thing I played almost.
  • Love to make my own game someday, I love to design “game design systems” all from weapons to netcode. I like to give option to the player so they can play how they like, with class less systems.
  • Located westcost of sweden, love it here even if it can a bit windy here sometimes.


Hi! I’m Krista & I’m from Estonia.
I’ve used computers ever since I was 3 years old and that mostly for gaming.

The closest I got into coding or anything like that was creating private servers of multiplayer games with my friend. They didn’t last very long, though, as we still played on the games original server more. It was just interesting and fun playing around with behind the scenes things.

I also got into console gaming about 4 years ago when I met my s.o. We actually have a little collection of gaming consoles!

Now, I’m trying really hard to not turn this reply into a full essay, so I’ll end this briefly:

I’m currently in the BCGame section at the Pseudo…something lesson;
I have no prior C++ or Unreal Engine or any engine experience to finding and buying this course.
So far I’m enjoying it, even with some “wait what” moments that I keep revising and asking about until I finally understand;
I hope to have a fun road in learning to develop games, to experiment in creating different games until I find my own game nichè and hopefully in the future land a job in the industry! <3


Hello, my name is Dexter André. I just recently finished my bachelor’s degree in Game Technology and Simulation, and I’m currently taking a course on VR and AR. Been making small games since 2015, but none published so far.

  • I haven’t touched Unreal before. As a student trying to get into the game industry, I need to broaden my skillset and familiarity with software, so here I am!
  • I have 3+ years of experience with C++, working in Qt.
  • I’m fairly familiar with Unity, and I’ve tried to create my own little game engine in school. It was mostly used for academic purposes, and I’ve long given up on it.
  • I hope to start to become just as fluent in Unreal as I am in Unity, so that it becomes an opportunity rather than an obstacle.
  • Hamar, Norway!


Hello everyone, my name is Gabriel Perez from Boston. I am a concept artist and illustrator and recently decided that I want to make my own games by learning how to program!

  • What’s your Unreal experience?
    Non. I am here because I am learning it now!

  • What’s your C++ experience?
    I never touched programming before. I hope to be up to speed the more I practice.

  • What other game engines have you used?
    Just recently I touched Unity.

  • What do you hope to get from the course?
    I hope to grasp a better understanding of the workings of Unreal and to have a better
    start in developing my own games.

  • Where in the world are you?
    Boston, Ma, USA



My name is Mahdi and I’m a grad student studying in Edmonton, Canada.
I don’t have any Unreal experience but I have some C/C++ experience. I have used Unity game engine and I’m pretty comfortable with it. My friend and I are trying to create a horror game and I hope by the end of this course we can achieve that.

Happy to be here!


Hi! My name is Alexandre (the Great :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

  • My experience with Unreal is small. This year I started to study on my own and with some courses.
  • I’m graduated in Computer Science and have satisfactory experience with C++ for over 10 years
  • I’ve already released two mobile games on Play and App Store made with Unity.
  • With this course I hope to learn enought to be able to change the behaviors of the objects already avaliable in the Unreal engine and to create my own (levels, characters, switches, source codes, etc.).
  • I’m from Brazil (State of Bahia)


Hello, my name is Andres Arizala.

  • I have no experience using Unreal
  • I have taken a couple beginner courses in an online post-baccalaureate to change careers.
  • I have not used any game engines before
  • I hope to get a better understanding of how unreal works as well as get better at C++
  • I am in Texas!