Please help

for i dont know why, but for some reason i have broken metric system or something when i use interfaces to create a piramid, or when im moving it up then in interface its like ten times bigger, and when moving its 2x smaller. i dont know if its because of version 2.91.0 or settings but im stuck because of that


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My first instinct would be check you have applied scale and rotation before insetting starts.


Check your object scaling! must be 1. See advice NP5.


thank you, you really help me

thanks it helped but now is both 2xsmaller, even if i apply scale, and everything else

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Use a box 1x1x1 then make it smale on the z axis 1x1x0.2 in object mode.
Now your scale is different. So apply scale.
Shape is the same but scale 1x1x1.

Now go into edit mode selcet top face, do inset 'i '.
Should work.

still same

Show screenshot of current state you are in.

ok its working for insert but not for extrude

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