Please help, I am stuck, and can't find answer

I was trying to see if I could make a profile on this support section I am making but it goes horrible wrong and I have no idea what I need to do to fix it. I have provided some pictures for it seems to just be flat instead of following the circle.

Have you tried using the to circles tool?

just tried it and this is what happened

Hmm im not sure then sorry.

thank you for trying.

I was able to solve it thanks to @White_Jackal’s suggestion on the to circle option, I did it before applying the bevel object and snap move the vertices back into place. Thank you.

Awesome, happy you got it.

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Hi, different problem now, I tried doing the next lesson on profile modeling using meshes, but the meshes are not properly keeping to the curve. I am putting the pictures here, help would be appreciated.

Can anyone help me?

well after being stuck on it over 2 days, i found out the bezier curve was the issue, for some of the subdivided points were too big of a scale so I made those smaller and fixed it.

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