Playing with Fire - My RPG Progress

Hey Guys and Gals -

Don’t often post but thought I would share a little bit of my RPG so far - More specifically my attempt at fire.

Any feedback is welcome :smile:


Nice attempt, would definitely add some smoke to add a bit more authenticity :smiley:

This guy does some great tutorials on Particle effects showing them built from the ground up if this helps?

They all look good for the RPG course :smiley:


I will check it out! Thank you muchly :grin:

I would love to provide feedback but could not get the video running. I am wondering if it is my browser or plugins.

I think it might be Chrome - It won’t load for me on Chrome but when I try Internet Explorer it is working fine

nice fire, it most definitely needs some more iterations, but it is already pretty neat.
great work at it man :slight_smile: {also, as others have said, it did not open with chrome but it did open with fire fox}.

The flames look pretty much the same over time, except for size. You can add some variation with the "color over lifetime’ module of the particle system.

A Question for You good sir. Have you ever played Disciples?

I cant find the game screenshot I was looking for. Anyway, I am taking this course because I want to make a HD somewhat copy of this. with Knights and Wizards, Ect Ect. more or less all the charater races in LOR/Si Fi/Horror genre.
Looks like your off to a good start. I am modeling a wizard from a picture set up from my face and head.

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