Player rotating by himself after melee combat


Hello There,

I have a bug i don’t undestrand and i also have trouble to be 100% sure about when it happen.

What i presume is : when i go on melee with an enemy, i hit him, i run away, the enemy stop chasing. And after that my character begin to rotate randomly

I only have this behaviour with melee weapon (no projectile, and at the moment i only have unarmed and a sword) i did no modification in the nav mesh agent or in player controler, or mover.

A little video to show the behaviour.

Thanks you for the time !


So this rotation isn’t happening when simply moving to a location? Or at the end of a battle where the enemy dies? Only on cancelling combat by running away?

Yes this is what i observed at least

Found the problem. I did not check the is kinematic option in my player’s rb … ^^’