[PLAY] METO - My Laser Defender Game With Shop, Upgrades & More!

Hi everyone,

So this is my version of Laser Defender called: METO.
I learned a lot creating this, it was really fun too.


800x600 (full size): http://gamebucket.io/game/a2105ade-203c-4dce-8e79-cf4f04f8f38c
640x480 (small screens): http://gamebucket.io/game/ce8e0df1-1360-41a5-a9d8-590748f73cf4

The player shoots automatically. You have to drag the player ship in order to get it to move!

It has a lot of extra features eg:

  • UNLOCK different galaxies with your total points!
    Milky Way: 0 total points required
    Andromeda: 10000 total points required
    Pinwheel: 50000 total points required
    Whirlpool: 100000 total points required
    Tadpole: 500000 total points required
  • A shop where you can UPGRADE your FIRING RATE & DAMAGE!
  • In the shop you can also BUY POWERUPS (Med Kit & Shields!)
  • Extra particle EFFECTS!
  • Enemy rotation!
  • Player & Enemy Levels - they both get stronger over time…

So yeah, some things aren’t finished yet (such as the Strike, and the option to select a different ship, but I was kinda tired of it - it’s just another clone and I honestly know I’m capable of doing if I ever had to, in a different game. So I didn’t continue with this)

I originally designed it for iPhone, so after changing it to a WebGL build I had to resize some stuff. Here you can view how it looks on iPhone: https://itsnxthxn.tumblr.com/post/157489974925

Would love to get some feedback - both positive and negative!

Good luck to everyone following the course!

Kind regards,



Great work @nathanvj .
now you have inspired to continue on with the course, since i had been putting off on my lectures recently.
you seem to be very dedicated, keep up the good work.

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