Plane Challenge - How do you lengthen extruded section?


here is my crude version of the challenge for this lecture, pretty much a duplicate of the one found in the lecture so nothing ground breaking here. My question if any one can help:

Once you’ve extruded a section is it possible to lengthen that section in a particular dimension without distorting the extruded pieces around it.

For example take a look at my model, can I lengthen the selected portion to essentially make the plane longer without distorting the wings or tail section. So far I have tried translating and scaling faces but this distorts the adjacent sections. I have also tried extruding again but the tail section doesn’t move.

Yes. Select the appropriate face/edge.vertex. Press G for Grab, then push X, Y, or Z to select which axis of direction you want to restrict motion to. This doesn’t create any new geometry, e.g. vertices, edges or faces, like extruding does because you are only moving the selected, existing geometry.

So I selected all of the exposed faces of the section in question ( the one between the wings and tail section), which was 4 faces total ( the other two are hidden by the adjacent sections). But when I ‘grab’ the faces and translate along the Y axis (which is the front to back axis of my model) I end up with something like:


As you can see the adjacent sections get distorted. What I want to do is lengthen the selection along the Y axis to make the plane longer, in other words create more distance between the wings and the tail without distorting either.

Any ideas?

You need to select the tail vertices, or edges, or faces. Then ‘G’ for grab and ‘Y’ for dragging Y-ax.

When you select an vertices, you select a specific one.
When you select an edge, you select also (but hidden) two vertices.
When you select a single face, you basically select three or more edges, vertices.

So select all those vertices (edges, faces), which you wanna move.

That did the trick! Thanks for your help! Here are the results:

Went on to use a similar method to narrow the wings and cockpit sections while leaving the other sections intact:

Awesome! Thanks again!!


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