Pink Skin not Showing on Fluffy Bunny


I am not able to see the pink skin I put as a material, the skin is taking the color of the hair. If I place skin Material before the Fur in the hierarchy the hair becomes Pink. Why is that? Am I doing something wrong?



Thanks for the question.

I think you might have fallen into the same illusion that i did with the fluffy bunny and not realize the first time i did it as well.
If you look at the bunny in the render its reather slick and smooth and thats a sign that you have too many hairs and the skin is just not visible at all.
The usual culprit is the misunderstanding between what you see in the viewport is not the same as what is rendered.
If you lower the hairs and children then re-render you will find a bit more of a balance i think.

If you run into issues upload the file here and i can take a look :slight_smile:


Hi Marc,

Thank you, I tried to reduce the particles on the fur but it didn’t work. To test this and show you what I mean I flipped the order of the materials, now the Pink material is before the fur material.

I noticed when I went in to the particle section, blender decided to switch the materials. So that Solves why the hairs are turning pink. When I flipped them the hair material is now on the body but when they are the other way around it is not showing the pink material on the body.

I am not able to upload the Blend file I think it is too big or my connection is slow.


I would try deleting both the materials on the model.
Add the skin material first and then the fur material and then select the fur in the particle system drop down.
I have a feeling it may be being odd with the base colour.

If the file is too big for the site give google drive a try or another hosting site and try and post the link here.

Let me know how you get on :slight_smile:


Thanks Marc, your suggestion to delete the materials and add them again worked perfectly. It seems it was behaving in an odd way. Thanks again really appreciate your help! smile:

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