Pin Head Bowling (my finished game)

Pin Head Bowling

hello everyone, today i am sharing my version of bowlmaster. first things first for brice and ben challenge accepted, my game has an extra addition from the last game where the gnomes won and beat back the lizards well this time we STRIKE back the gnomes (all pun intended).

Please go try my game

some known bugs:
⦁ this game does need to be played full screen as i noticed with other people’s the drag stops working to launch the ball whether thats my brower choice i’m not sure.
⦁ if the ball is just clicked rather than swiped you are stuck i noticed this when testing and i am going to write the code that will illiminate this from the game.
⦁ the gutter has a mesh rendered by unity and not by me for some objects this is fine but becuase of the curve every third of the way down the gutter it will stop the ball dead when launched fast doesn’t seem to happen on slow launches.
⦁ I have a weird issue with my pins where occasionally if a pin falls over and is touch a pin stood up it will cause the stood pin to register as fallen (not sure about this one)

Write up

I had my vision for my bolwing alley from the start i didn't want to stray from this vision as i liked what i had built up in mock form, all objects are my own and made in blender.

Bowling pin

I am quite proud of my pin (well all of my objects) its a simple shape UV mapped to give it some stripes. if you look at my previous topic above the pins used to be smaller and fatter after implementing them into the game i did go back to the drawing board to make them slightly thinner and taller resembling more like bowling pins.

Bowling ball

again a simple design where i took a iso sphere and inserted new faces from three of the isosphere faces which i then extruded down to make wholes, I did have a more complex design which looked nicer but when with the simpler one to keep the mesh size down:

Bowling Alley

here is the whole scene that you might not see everything from the game camera there are six lights that illuminate the scene which you see below, because i closed off all of the walls the directional light wasn't good enough i had to baked each scene while i was editing so i could see finished results which i found is a good tip if you notice that when changing scenes you find your levels aren't illuminating the way you see in the editor. (Window->Lighting --> then from the tabs along the top click lightmaps and build at the bottom this will create a new folder in your scenes folder for the light map data)

Keeping the vision going

this is my sprite that i used for the lane and gutter they are the same image but when making the material they are tiled differently for the main lane and gutter and with the gutter it has a darker mask over the image which gives a nice effect.

Pin Swiper

wanting to keep with the original feel of a bowling alley I made the swiper to look like a full mechanical swiper. and if you have already played the game you will have seen the gnome version of the game everything game wise is the same as the traditional mode. but everything is re-modeled or skinned to give the feel of garden glitch.

Gnomes are back in town

watermelon-ish :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

thanks for looking I hope you liked it.


lol that looks awesome!

Very well done!

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Well theres Bryce’s gnome bowling.

That was my aim from the start of the section when they said they would like to see Gnomes in a game, had to do it. I like a challenge :slight_smile:

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