Pin and Gutter...ten pin space!

Here is the URL:

it’s made for webGL, no mobile or portrait mode at the moment.

I recall parents being on a bowling league, and taking my sister and me, as children, to the alley when grandparents couldn’t babysit, so we’d go to the snack bar and eat french fries, put quarters in the jukebox and listen to Let’s Get Physical as parents cringed to the lyrics, and watch them send balls down gutters embarrassingly often.

Later I took a bowling class in college…not enough to be any good, got one turkey in all my life.

And now, I put it on the computer!


Choose from four spac-y music themes and then three planet-like balls to begin the game. Use
the mouse to swipe the “vector” for the roll, and hope the space ball
doesn’t fall into the space gutter and cause the space audience to laugh
at you…in space.Receive applause for strikes and spares. Hear
a turkey when you roll a turkey. Think you can roll a perfect game?
The author has not done so yet…

And one more thing, did I mention, the bowling alley is in space?

some cool sounds in the game i like it, the space idea is cool could be good for adding special effect when users get a strike, like with aliens coming with a fly by, i came across one problem where on one frame i clicked by accident on the pins, when i was figuring out where i wanted the ball to go and the ball drops and i end up in a dead end and only had one option to restart the game.

keep up with the good work.

Very cool, had fun, didn’t do well - a 96 - but none the less, was fun!

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