Pick up and delivery mechanics : The True Heroes


What is this game about?

This game is about a bunch of childs that got amazed with the hero’s stories and go with him in his next adventure.
As soon as it starts, they realize that he is as dumb as he is strong and just can’t choose the right equipment for each battle!

What do I do?

You have to defeat weaker creatures, get there loot, select what is better against that boss and give to the hero, while keeping itens that might be usefull in the future safe in your small inventory, throwing everything else away!

How do I win?

You win by help the hero to defeat the last badass monster and return safe to the city.( Be awere that you won’t get any credit for that! :smiley: )

What is the key keeling your game is trying to evoke?

You are the guy that no one knows, but in your heart you are absolutly sure that without you effort, nothing of that would happen.

How can you reinforce that through the artwork, gameplay, rules and so on?

All monsters defeated have make clear to the hero that the only reason for his won was the help of awesome brave childs that came to support him. (Though he doesn’t recognize it with his brillant mind)