Pick up and delivery mechanics - Drone Beer Delivery


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Drone Beer Delivery
(1) What is this game about?
The game is about using drones and picking the beers a drone can carry max 4.
There will be a centralized location for first to finish or max beer.
So there are these huddles and paths like

  1. fire ring
  2. low bar to cross from beneath.
  3. High bar go from top
  4. Concentric circles so the drone is supposed to flip between the circles.
  5. a piped path like a wave shaped (transparent) pipe
  6. a triangle shaped huddle
  7. suspended swinging dumbbells
  8. high altitude
    8-12 dice.

(2) What do I do?
You roll 8 dice pick up to 4/8 dice and collect the beer by passing the huddle and come back home.
So when you pass the huddle you get a beer and you follow the shortest path to from the Home circle to the 4 huddles to reach the fastest.
(3) How do I win?
You win when you are the first to reach the home circle for the drone you also get to keep the beer that the drone collected as other who did not reach only get the beer they have collected so far. So one of them might be a wise buy who will try collecting each as per his dice he does not win but still gets may be one extra beer.

This game can also be played with human on filed and them running and collecting beers crossing huddles maybe we can have collect your 4 dice faster from maybe 2 person game would be 8 dices. 4beer *4persons game would be 16 dices.


The essential experience would be to do quick math, run faster and chose the shortest path. another experience would be to use your ability to fly drones and drone racing.


Need to make a prototype of the game inventory. However my game is like a drone flying game so. Ill make use of strings and drone with slots to collect beer. so players need to collect the number of strings based on the shortest path from the 4 locations that they have. and connect. below if the picture from strings railways i have never played this game. its very hard to make on paper. i tired image


But then maybe i think it should be electric and the cables should in the air. or just give them a very small flying drone. and make the huddles like a real amusement park rides made of plastic.

i am getting confused is it about components or game’s inventory. is it not the same as components.


It was becoming very difficult to think of a drone based game and strings. I though about it a lot researched it a lot, and also ordered a miniature drone but then the cost of the game was too high, and i think so one is going to bye it. I am parking this idea for now. and changing it to cable car so it helps me to move on from the topic, below if the picture of the cable car inventory and i also replace beer with number of people

so now i can move ahead of the topic Game Space: The Board. but interesting because i was not constrained by the compoents and implementation but the cost of the full game and the technology that prevents me from going ahead with the idea. So should we give up when the cost of development it too high and i dont think ill buy a game that has 4 drone and the huddles that allows me to do something like this image
indoor even though its a great idea its not feasible at this time and i need to try out a lot when implementation. so i couldn’t complete the drone game may be later.


This is really exciting stuff - I love the use of string as a component and the use of 3 dimensions in your game space. You’ve really run with both the theme and essential experience. I’m not surprised that the cost is a barrier, but even if you never go further with this (and I hope that you get a chance to), this is great work!


Thank you for the encouragement. Ill try to finish this game with by collaborating with others. for now i still need to complete section 3 to to 6. It was interesting in section 2 later because i had to think of cost and risk and also think of economy, so may be ill add travel cost and coin token, i could not think of a surprise element like in your game floor is lava each player has different special powers and makes its interesting. I also downloaded the table top simulator for play testing and learnt it. i might ask in the group later if they would invest in the game design may be kickstarter, and i am sure even if other have the resources and speed they wont be making my exact game so i don’t mind sharing my idea. i have asked for technical hep for quad-copter and adding a infrared signal to mark the points that the drone pass through.


I also don’t know how i am going playtest this without the physical components in hand. but i am still thinking and short of time ill learn other chapters and come back to play-testing this idea later.