Photogrammetry Experiments

Took some time carving it.

Quicker to build the well wall.


Very well done! I’m really liking the look of this. You just need to “finish” off the top edge, since it makes it look half finished as is.

Then again, you may still be working on this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes it was only a first test, hence the lack of neatened off brick shape. Would be relatively easy to make the non non oakleaf faces by modeling.


Local style flint stone built wall,


As you can see, I trimmed down the brick pier, link duplicated, mirrored to make both sides. Then linkduplicated, mirrored left and right. Little bit of height adjustment at the join.

Here minus the materials, underlying geometry created.

Mesh density is huge! Going to have to get into, work out, baking to low poly versions.

Plants, moss etc. it struggles with.

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Have you use a software to get the principal mesh from a set of photos?

Yes. That is exactly what Photogrammetry is.

Yes… Ok…I only want to know if you take the photos and elaborate it with a software on your own or you found on a website or what… Or maybe you have topography stuff to do it almost automatically…:expressionless:


The oak leaf brick’ and the wall are both photogammetry meshes. The method makes the matched texture image.

Edit reread more carefully. lol.

I took the photos myself.
I downloaded the software to my computer that uses those photos to generate the mesh, and the image texture that goes with it.
All automatic, dump in images, click start, come back later all done.
Open in Blender do some tidying up, lots of stuff picked up on the margins, not very well as they are not the concentrated target of the photography, so can be, need to be, deleted. Effectively remove everything you did not want.
After that, it will probably need drastic downscaling in verts, baking the texture from the full version. Not tried that bit yet.

Taller wall. Hoping to be able to cut out a square section and create it into a tilable texture.

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I only circled the rock and pump with photos. But if it sees enough matches it builds up all it can. lol.

However, the blackness of the pump stopped it seeing all the handle. Too dark or plain and there is nothing for the system to yes as data points to build a model. I was supprised the pump came out as well as it has actually. Had I done more of the top the missing length of handle could be modeled. Still could do the same to the top misshaped bits.