Personal question


Just wanted to ask you guys how do you guys feel about learning and doing games? how important is that for you? what is your history?

For me, It’s awesome to have the opportunity to show the world a little bit of my myself using a kind of art that I love doing, even if it is a tiny part of the world, even if it’s a couple hundred people playing my games, seems good enough for me xD.

how do you feel about it?

I have loved learning how to use Unity and building my first game. I was absolutely ecstatic when I received that email from Apple saying my submission had passed review and my game was officially published on the app store. I still excitingly look at my analytics every day and marvel that each day at least one or two new people are choosing to download and play my game. The positive feedback I’ve received both in-person and online has been really rewarding.

To answer the second question, the important part for me was learning how to use Unity and game specific programming. My future plans are a VR project that I will be starting once I finish the last of my current game updates.

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