Periscope model and a note about Linux

I’m a long time Blender user, hoping to pick up some skills that I’ve managed to miss doing the work I’ve done in the VSE and with basic modelling. Can’t wait to get to do some work on rigging and animation. In any case here’s my periscope, with the middle squeezed a bit for aesthetic reasons. It’s a little weird for me to build it like this with separate objects when you get in the mindset of using extrude whenever possible, but it’s a good refresher. I did want to say that on any modern Linux (and I’m using both recent Ubuntus and Fedoras) that Alt works exactly the same way on Linux as you’d expect on Windows, so the note about the system key really isn’t relevant.

Another tip I would give for anybody serious about doing a lot of work in Blender is to think about getting a MMO gaming mouse. If you look up something like the Utechsmart Venus you can see it has a full number pad on the side of the mouse, and it’s awesome for working in Blender without ever having to take your hand off the mouse to hit the number pad. That may not sound like a big deal, but I have early-onset arthritis and the less I have to move my hands the better.

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