Path of an intro 3D'er in Blender

Many thanks to Ben and Michael for helping me on this journey! I am a freelance designer and illustrator, but have always had an interest in 3D work - one of my main hobbies is metal sculpting (giant bugs and other creatures). But I’m also very intrigued by VR! So I am endeavoring to build my skills in Blender, and here I will post my progress…so far!

Extrude lesson challenge: build a plane
For this I used the Cube, then extruded the front and back to make the body. Then scaled the faces down to “points”. Then using a new cube for the wings, I scaled it flat and stretched it out. I extruded it’s end faces, then selected edges and “removed doubles”, to give it a tapered look. Then I duplicated the wings and scaled them down to become the back fins. I selected the middle vert’s from this object, duplicated them and translated them up (z axis). However, it was missing two sides, so I selected the edges and created faces (F). Finally I reshaped the rudder a bit to a better size, and voila :slight_smile:

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