Passed the Exam in LaGrange, GA, with 92%


Took the test a couple of weeks ago. I’m working as a Game Design instructor, and so it was very important that I not only pass the test, but do so with enough confidence that I could turn around and teach Unity to others. Now, I’d been using certain parts of Unity for years, but I knew I had some gaps in terms of familiarity. I think I viewed about 40% of the lectures, focusing on the parts I knew I had least experience with.

I passed with a 92% - good enough! The course was definitely an invaluable resource, and being able to access it without a time limit, and just as something to reference over the course of a semester and a half while building a curriculum and managing teenagers - it was invaluable.

A word of warning - my badge went right into my spam folder, and I was starting to thing there had been some problem, when it finally occurred me to look in there.