Parsing error

hi i’m alfonso and i started to use unity yesterday now i’m at the lesson 18 but there is a parsing error and i can’t understand where.


just looking at your original, seems your missing a closing ’ } ’ curly brace for the end of the class.

pop an extra } at the last line.

just as a bit of info, if you are in monodevelop, you dont have to always go back to unity to test to see if a script compiles.
in MonoDevelop goto Build > Build All, and it will check to see if the script compiles and point out any glaring errors there and then :wink:


thanks now it works .Can I ask you what is the function of the last}

And thanks also for the tip.Very helpful

@Alfonso_D_addio the reason we have a } at the end is
say i have
Void Start()
i add a bracket to the start so the code can tell what code is related to void Start()
so i have void Start() {
and i want to add code such as
print(“welcome to number wizard”);
so now i have
void Start() {
print (“Welcome to number wizard”);
and that is all the code we want
if we dont know where to end the code regarding the start function then the computer doesnt know what to do
therefore we want
void Start() {
print (“Welcome to number wizard”);

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