Parent vs Child animation

I’m pretty sure i did something wrong.
Both my fox object and its body child have the same animator controller. At this moment, they are moving at different speeds, I guess the child is moving with 0.3+0.3 whereas the parent is moving with just 0.3

When i click the parent, and the animator tab, what i see is fox: walking, fox: attacking, fox: jumping, always in yellow, whereas when i click the child, i see body: walking, body: attacking, etc. in black. is it how it’s supposed to be?

2ndthing : I’m managing to activate the isAttacking bool parameter of the lizard through the script, but it’s only affecting the parent animation, not the child’s ( i can see the box being checked as soon as the lizard hit an enemy), so it is having no effect whatsoever

You don’t need two Animator components, you just need one in the parent object.

From that one, you can animate the child sprite.

To animate the child sprite, when you Add Property, select Body (or the name of the child object if it’s different), then Sprite Renderer and Sprite, that’s it.

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