Panel Anchoring

Hi !

I am having trouble on anchoring the panels. Especially for Arrow Panel, how do we anchor the same width and height? I can place it to stick to bottom edge of panel but the width and height keep changes. And my arrow is kinda working and not working sometimes and I assume it is because of panel changing its ratio. It would be great if you could help me out. Thank you.

I’ve a long discussion with this panel before it do what I want…

Try to separate all the ui objects you use, then place the smallest elements first in the next panel.(arrows in arrow container) then the arrow container in the left panel then the left panel in the screen panel. Test on each step to see if each element stay in place.

Hope this help

Hi Dieedi,

Thanks for response. Appreciated. I don’t quite understand though. What do you mean by separate ui objects? and I wonder what 'smallest elements first in the next panel ’ means as well. Does that mean I just start creating panel from scratch and deal with small ones first?

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