Overview of built in functions like OnTriggerEnter2D, Start, Update



I’m curious if there is an overview with functions that I guess are built into Unity. Like the Start, Update and OnTriggerEnter2D functions.

They don’t auto-complete yet when you use them they just work so they’re somewhere behind the scenes. Interested to know what others are available but not sure on what search terms to use. It would also be helpful if it were possible to easily insert those default functions instead of typing them manually as having a typo can take some time to bug hunt!


The Monobehaviors not autocompleting has been one of the most frustrating parts of Unity coding for me too. I found this list in the Unity scripting reference to be really helpful. If you scroll down just a bit to the section named “Messages” you will see a list of the functions you are looking for along with descriptions of what they do.

MonoBehavior Scripting reference


Thanks for the link, that’s going into the bookmarks.