Overdone the lamp

I decided to start creating my lamp, and when I was almost done I realized that it was said that we would do smal steps at a time.

Well I got caught up doing it and could as well finish it. I have no idea if this is possible to animate so maybe I have to redo the whole thing. But I got pleased with how it looked at least so I decided to share it.


Very easy to do, get diverted into your own version. But think of it this way, would you be making an animated lamp unless following the course? Its a device to introduce you to bones, and the start of animation, that’s all. Many that do fancier versions have done the course before or have previous experience.

Your lamp looks good.

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I totally agree, and I am going to follow along with the course maybe as well, see if I can adapt it to my lamp too, or if I have to switch it out to the one I do following the course.

So maybe in the end I will have two lamps, or just my own, or just the one I will be making following the course.

But I am really happy that I managed to modle this lamp using what I have learned so far so if it ends up just being a lamp, well maybe I can use it in an interior in the future :slight_smile:

Thank you btw!

I feel your pain. Seems the later challenges are less defined/specific from the instructor so you end up doing more work than was required. You end up having to either chuck it all and start over or wait while he catches up.
Your lamp looks good.

Thank you,

I ender up scraping that lamp and made one according to the course instead.