OrbitFall - My newly published text adventure!

Hello everybody!

I just managed to finish my Text101 adventure! Like many of you, I decided to make my own fully-featured adventure to the best of my new abilities, rather than publish the bare minimum. It’s a sci-fi space adventure, where you find yourself aboard the Oracle, a space station in orbit above your home planet.

Hope you enjoy it, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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well done, if you dont mind me asking how did you make the text flash red as so?

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Hey Kyle, great work on your first coding project!

I can tell you put a lot of effort into the story, it’s very well written. Absolutely loved the different colours and visual effects used on the text, they really made those parts stand out as different from the regular text descriptions.

I found a couple of minor issues with the text:

  • On some screens with a lot of text, if I pressed 1 or 2, the action description in red went down below the bottom of the visible window.
  • On the final screen for some of the endings, I couldn’t see a command for how to retry the game.
  • If you put on the environmental suit, then go to brig door, the description has a repeating sentence:

These should be simple enough to fix however, and it’s definitely easy to have typos when you’re dealing with so many different possible paths.

Excellent job! :smiley:

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Hey Kyle,

nice work there (so many people here added their own touch with colors & stuff, bah I feel bad just doing my own text .-P).

Really cool the colors in the mail, etc. - didn’t find anything wrong, except the things Peter listed already.

Don’t want to be nitty-gritty, but…
The change of font size all the time between scenes, I would rather go for 1 size small enough that all texts fit; the centered text makes it harder to read & follow (just repeating writing / journalism lessons here, but I think it is true).

My favorite scene is at the end when you have many options and need to… and you have the colored ///// … well I guess you know what I mean, no spoiler .-P

Cool & certainly a lot of effort!


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First of all, to everybody, thanks so much for trying out my game!

@trev: I’d be happy to elaborate! The code I used is as follows:
> text.color = Color.Lerp(Color.white, Color.red, Mathf.PingPong(Time.time, 1));

Color.Lerp Documentation:

Essentially, I would call this at the beginning of the state, and if I wanted some text within that state to be solid, we can add some basic markup within the text strings to change the color.

Rich Text detailed here:

I only learned about the rich text markup after checking out some other projects on here which colored their text. :slight_smile:

@Peter_Gambell: Thanks for pointing those out! For the sake of polish, I’ll certainly see if I can correct those things. :slight_smile: I wonder if I should make the text shrink or auto-fit when using the equipment? I’m glad you tried using the suit functions in various places. That’s awesome!
I wonder why that sentence repeats only if you have the envirosuit? O.o That’s a quirky one. I’ll get right on it! Thanks so much for the kind words and thoughtful analysis. :slight_smile:
Also, thanks for following me on Itch. I’ll be following your progress as well!

@Naitachal: Thank you for the kind words! Definitely no need to feel ashamed for not doing stuff that wasn’t even covered! I only found out about the rich text and colors from seeing other people’s projects. It was all monochrome until it was about 75% finished. :wink:

I totally understand about the text! I guess I just stuck with the instructor’s default setup with the centered text, and you’re right, it’s a lot more painful to read than left-aligned. I’ll see if I can make it more bearable in that sense. As far as the adaptive sizing, I agree with you there too! I was afraid it would be too small and tough to read in a lot of areas. I wonder if I can find a happy size that works for the whole game.

Thanks so much for telling me about your favorite scene! That was one of my favorite parts as well. I took inspiration from the first Space Quest game. :wink: I wanted to include at least one kind of “puzzle”, despite the style of game not easily lending itself too well to “challenge”. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks again everyone, for playing, and for the thoughtful feedback. You guys are awesome! :smiley:



OrbitFall 1.1 is now LIVE! :slight_smile:

…Wow, that’s really cool to say. So THIS is how that feels!

Fixed the afformentioned issues. Text still changes sizes (sorry, I opted to keep that so my players didn’t have to squint the ENTIRE time :stuck_out_tongue: ) But it’s aligned left now, so it’s more pleasant to read.

Thanks again for your input, and helping me put out the best work I could!


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Good work on the new release of OrbitFall!

I think it’s fine that the text still changes size, as you said it makes it easier to read when there’s not that much on the screen. I especially like its use when you’re trying to open your bedroom door in the game!

Thanks again for your input, and helping me put out the best work I could!

No worries, happy to give feedback on games and glad that it was helpful :slight_smile:

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Hey Kyle,

Just played Orbitfall and it is great work! Some excellent variations on the Text101 assignment and I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!



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