Options to publish NOT using Web Player?

I generally use Chrome as my browser for my stuff, and Edge at work. Neither of those support the Web Player plugin. I presume it would be possible to build targeting something else, but am wondering if there’s anything else that would let you target HTML5 or a similar technology?

Chrome Supports WebGL, there are some classes in Ben`s course that talks about it, just browse throught the classes and you will find

Will do. Thanks for letting me know.

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no problem @NaweG, please let us know if you find it and if it worked or not.

You have to upgrade to Unity 5, and then you can publish to WebGL just like you did Web Player.

If you open a project made in unity 4 in unity 5 you might have some coding problems, theres a couple things that changed, but unity 5 has a program that runs when it detects such outdated functions and can automatically fix them for you.

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That`s true @chris.claus42, perhaps it would be better to just follow the course and soon you will be led to upgrade to unity 5, and form there you will be able to share it through WebGL.