Open door

This is my representation of a door, on its hinge. I look forward to learning more about lighting to get the look I want for scenes. I’ve seen simple models lit well and that really helps tell the story.


Eevee -

With Eevee, I was getting a weird light line coming through the wall on the edge where it meets the ground. As it wasn’t important for this lesson I didn’t spend time looking up why this might be. I’m betting things like this will be covered in later lessons.

Cycles -

With Cycles, I didn’t have the weird light line issue. Not sure why it looks “proper” this way. Again, I’m sure I’ll learn about this later.


To get the pivot, I positioned the 3D Cursor on the the edge of the door and then moved it up the zed to be more “centered” with the middle hinge. I know I could have left it anywhere on that edge.