OPAR: Rocket Ship



Hey everyone,

S here’s my first Rocket Ship design based on the SpaceX - Falcon 9 & the prefabs I’ve created:

Hope you enjoy the design and have a nice day :smiley:


Looking good!

Looks big, it will be interesting to see your level design(s) to accommodate the rocket :slight_smile:


Dear Rob,

I figured that the size of the rocket would be a challenge, and I was wondering if I should probably scale the whole thing down by 2. I plan to create a plethora of different rockets once I finish the course and therefor I was wondering if I should have a unique size for the rockets or if I give each a unique feature (less/more boost, higher rotation speed, different thrust speed, lower/higher mass,…).

I guess the time will tell but I’m always happy to get some advice :smiley:



I guess there are quite a few things you could do or at least try…

For example, your whole game doesn’t have to be horizontal movement based game play. You could start your game with a series of more vertical levels which would perhaps tell the story of the crew taking off and travelling through the various levels of the atmosphere. You could focus in control based challenges rather than obstacle avoidance perhaps at this stage. Then, maybe there’s the space flight aspect of the game, you could either go horizontal or, consider full 3D and fly into the screen. You could incorporate different game mechanics here for different challenges, perhaps including some obstacle avoidance. Then, in another later stage of the game, your rocket could separate, you would control perhaps the smaller part at the top, you could have a level based on a successful landing, followed by the more typical course based flavour of piloting it through a planet with obstacles.

The above is hugely varied but it goes to show how from just one rocket you could devise many stories.

Scaling is an option although you may find the pivot position of the rocket challenging for manoeuvring, that said, if you create a variety of different rockets, potentially as perhaps unlockables part of the attraction could be their differences in how they handle, and you could design some levels based around that, e.g. certain rockets are better for specific tasks.

Best thing would be to try lots of different scenarios and see which ones you like, which work, which don’t and maybe get a little feedback along the way. :slight_smile:


Hi Rob,

Thanks a lot for your time and the great ideas, it’s always good to make brainstorming sessions.

Well unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure how I want the game play to be just yet.
I have few key features in mind that correspond to the idea I have of the game I want to build, some of which includes different game modes (Story Mode, Errands, Challenges, maybe a terminal with passwords to unlock new features,…) or maybe just one, like adventure games which would have some of those features.
I really like the idea of having horizontal game play for takeoff and landing. It could be a great moment to introduce the players to the different characters, planets and the purpose of the journey (some back story).
We’ll see how it turns out when I’m over with the lecture :smiley:

Thanks again and have a great day :slight_smile:



You’re very welcome and absolutely! :slight_smile:

I really like the concept of the different games modes. Challenges would be great as you could have things like how quick the player is through a level, or perhaps how little fuel they use, if you implemented shields little damage they took, or of course combinations of any/all of them.

You could consider that 3 Stars approach to the challenges also, quite a lot of mobile games implement it, so, if you completed the level in under 1 minutes you get 1 star, under 45 seconds 2 stars, under 30 seconds 3 stars etc. It would perhaps encourage players to play the same level several times to improve on what they were doing. Or, use the stars as some kind of objectives in the level, for example, collect all fuel canisters, complete the level under 45 seconds, have at least 500 units of fuel left.

Sounds good, especially the back-story, you can often have really fancy looking games but they can get boring quickly if the player hasn’t bought into it. With Project Boost I think to get players to really buy into it the game needs more than just take off, landing and dodge some obstacles, because the challenge gets out weighed by frustrating really quickly.

Perhaps I am awarded more points if I land more carefully, e.g. my velocity isn’t too high when I land. Perhaps there is an ideal position for the ship to land in, on it’s legs, on it’s side or whatever, as opposed to the “just throw the ship at the landing pad” win condition that the default game currently has :slight_smile:

Maybe there are some survivors I need to rescue? I need to land carefully near each one so that they can get on board, perhaps the different ships can hold more/less passengers so on some levels I have to return to the base to drop them off more frequently, which means dodging those obstacles more times, “If I could just get that next ship I could hold more passengers” - no I want to upgrade my ship to make my life easier… I am buying in to the game.

The great thing about Project Boost being effectively bare bones is that you have such scope to create whatever game you want out of it. I will look forward to seeing your develop :slight_smile: