Ooops! Forgot the light bulb!

I had some major issues with rigging this lamp and am not sure if it was me (more than likely) but, Blender didn’t seem to be working right as it did in the lecture when it came to locking the rotation direction so I forgot about putting in a light bulb LOL! Oh well, maybe next time.

This is the first time I have really played with nodes and still not sure I understand it correctly. I am not totally happy with the color of the shade or the base. I wanted a more shiny base color but after futzing with it forever, I decided this will do for a first attempt. Reviewing other videos, blogs, and forums, I don’t seem to be the only one. I am glad Michael is doing it in bits and sticking with those bits to reinforce the knowledge.

I am REALLY happy with how the metal bits turned out. It is difficult to see in pictures but the joints are a slightly different metal color than the arms.


I especially like the modelling and material of the brass arms, they look like the ones in your reference lamp. Good job!

Thank you, fhernand! I like the way the metal turned out, especially since I have never really dealt with Cycles nodes before. I honestly didn’t think I could get the arms and joints to turn out as well as they did. I appreciate the feedback!

If you did that it would really pop! But it does look really good as is. Good job!

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Thanks, Vaughan! It was a frustratingly fun learning project! I appreciate your kind words!

I was looking through the Blender posts - I am a Unity guy - as I am blown away by the creativity that you - for lack of of a better word - guys possess, and I saw a render that you did with a shinier base and it really looked good :sunglasses:.

You guys do such amazing work!!! I couldn’t ever imagine doing what you do.

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If you are taking the Blender course, you will be surprised what you can do! Seriously, I have been trying to use/learn/model with blender for about 10 years. Each time I installed it, I opened it up and deleted it immediately because of all the buttons and screens and it just made me scream in fear. Tried to do some tutorials on YouTube and other courses elsewhere…even tried some other software, and always a fail…each experience just reiterated Blender was not for me. I ran across Udemy’s ad on YouTube and found Michael’s course and checked it out…I decided for the price what did I have to lose and this would be my final foray into modeling…just when you are about to give up…WHAM! I am a believer now LOL

If you are not taking the course, you should! Personally, Unity and all that programming stuff scares me and makes me ill…even more so than Blender did. I am so not meant to even think in the way programmers do!

All of the images you see of my work are due to taking this course and another one at Udemy…I started in July. Personally, I don’t feel like I do as well as some others that post here but, I am lots better than I was LOL. But, if I can do it this creative stuff, you can as well! Just follow the course, it is a good incremental foundation and while frustrating at times, it is a fun way to learn!

BTW, thank you for the compliment!

Hey Morgaine,

I realize you did this work several months ago, but thought you should know I found your work very detailed. The modeling on your lamp is first rate. I’m working into getting into game development myself but using the Unreal engine rather than Unity. I thought you were very kind to offer your support to others in sharing your own experiences here. We need more women in the gaming industry! Message me sometime if you feel like it, would love to hear more about what you’re working toward. Great work! :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the lovely compliment, Jenn!

Yes, this was my first complex project taking the Blender course. I am rather anal about being too detailed sometimes…okay, most of the time! LOL Which reminds me, I need to spend some time on my Bates House WIP soon! :slight_smile:

I think this community, as well as the CG Community at large, should be helpful to one another and share what we know perhaps that is a pipe dream in this world today. But, sharing knowledge is something I feel should be done freely and people not charged out the whazoo for that knowledge, which is one of the reason Udemy has tempted me with this cost effective course! I do understand people need to make a living but, for me, what I know I will share freely. Thankfully, this particular community is on the good end of the collective spectrum and does try to share and help each other. I am proud to be part of this community and wish to give back what little I know…even if folks don’t want to read it :wink:

I agree more women are needed in the game development world. Sadly, I haven’t really seen that many women involved. Personally, I have felt for many years the industry is losing out on market share that if done correctly, would vastly increase their profits over time. Currently, I have absolutely no interest in the games out there…not that I haven’t played a few…but there has to be something more for my particular tastes, which doesn’t include farming to the nth degree, dealing with stats, armor, and weaponry, nor arranging jewels and crushing candy! Just Ugh!

I am not sure I am ready to deal with Unity or Unreal I simply don’t have any programming or coding knowledge but, assets do interest me. So, please feel free to contact me privately anytime you wish. I will try to answer any questions albeit my way may not be the most efficient or best way but they work for me!

P.S. I am really fascinated by this woman and her Blender videos on YouTube

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