One of the first certified in South Africa (85% Score)


Hey everyone!

After a good year of waiting it happened! I’m excited to say that I’m one of the first 15 (give or take 2) to get certified in my country, South Africa. With a passing score of 85% I managed to pass the 70% requirement.

Thanks to @sampattuzzi for his amazing thoroughness in explaining everything and to @ben for making it all happen in terms of the course setup and the behind the scene nitty-grittys. You guys did a great job in setting up a course packed with just the right content!

As far as the test goes, it started of a bit rough tbh. Animations is the one area I struggled most with. None the less after spending extra time and thoroughly reading all the relevant documentation on animations… what do you know, still a ****** up in the test. But from there it was nothing but all smooth sailing :sunglasses:

Well worth the time and wait and I wish you all the best in your upcoming exam!

PS: Got some free goodies to go along with passing :smiley:


Amazing! Congratulations. :joy:

I totally relate regarding animation. It’s a really complicated and finicky subject. Well done for scoring so well on it none-the-less.

On a side note, looks like Unity have really stepped up their game in terms of the swag. All I got was a lousy t-shirt! :wink:


Congratulations Andre, nice work.




Well done Andre!!