"On Target Update Perception" node does not exist?

I have used this node countless times and now all of a sudden I cant find it anywhere even if the context box is unchecked. I feel like I am going crazy. I am in the AI controller and it has a perception component and it’s compiled. I tried restarting the editor. I even opened up an older project of mine in UE 4.10 where I used the node before and when I right click and try to search for it magically it is missing from there as well.

Try having the AI perception component selected first and having context sensitive enabled

That Is what I did first actually and I couldn’t find it. When I took another wack at it this morning I found it. You have to click on the perception component and it is over in the details panel at the bottom for the component specific events. The ones with all the green pluses next to them. Marking as SOLVED

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