Old Videos not working

Hello, I am completing the old 2.7 Human Head part but many times the videos aren’t starting or working properly, I have to close down Udemy many times and restart it sometimes that works for me, but then it gets so much frustrating that I am forced to quit that day. So can you please do something about it?

Hi Yash,

I have checked the videos from here and they seem to be working fine.
Can you let me know specifically which video it is and also if any other videos in udemy give you an issue.
We only host our videos on Udemy so any issues with connection would be beyond our control and you may need to speak them to diagnose issues and see if they can make some improvements.

I am sorry this is causing you an inconvenience and i hope you get it resolved

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The human head videos were creating trouble for me

And the flash player error has started again

Remove adobe flash player from your browser (plugins, addons, program on PC). It’s absolutely not required to see videos. Flash player software is not supported anymore (end of life).


Thank You! I will try that

I actually had this pop up during this week.
Seems to be in periods related to low connectivity which is odd

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