Old Man W*****ed It Up But My Full Scene Challenge


Nice work!

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Well I presumed W***d is not an acceptable useage. Well being a Yank, how’d I know.

  1. I lost my original board…jikes(guess that ok)
  2. lost rook. made new one, normals wrong above.
    3 ) remade board.
  3. went back to textures for white & black, Michael didnt have his d**n keyboard, so I didnt have warp speed to contend with. Brilliant.
  4. the scene above has 54 objects and was a mess. I presume I missed ONE key stroke. took 3 hrs to repair. Just one more proof that “shortcuts” are NOT appropriate for teaching. Very limited at the maximum.
  5. Therefore, Lecture 87 is rated @ 10 on difficulty level. Proceeding on.

The proportions on the KNIGHT are questionable in my humble opinion, having played chess in younger years. Later all.

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Hi @Mike_Hillman, I censored this the other day, and a couple of other posts across the forum by other members, this is currently a manual task.

The courses, Facebook groups and this forum also have a number of much younger members, so whilst I personally don’t find a variety of profanity offensive I do choose to consider other members of the groups and forum, especially those younger ones. :slight_smile:


No need to register another account though, it was only the topic title I amended, wasn’t a major thing so didn’t contact you directly.

My Dad and his Dad were underground coal miners from Wales. I grew up that way.Here I am having grown up “in the States” with BS, MSE & many more. He would be proud!I was NOT offended. I did not know the “slang”. I think I heard it from Michael! Oh well.But many time I have stated “its only words”. Politically correct has a lot to learn.
Mike nothing is so firmly believed as that which is least understood

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That’s a touch job, and respect to them both - I live in Bristol, literally just across the bridge from Wales.

I do not know city, but Hillman were underground. my dad’s first day he was 15 loading donkey drawn cars.He gave me $1000 and said “son, this all I’ve got”. In 1962 I parlayed that, by working, into a BS in Engr.A good man. Left me early due to black lung.So if you happen to “bump into” a Hillman, you know a cousin in States.
My best,JMH nothing is so firmly believed as that which is least understood

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